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Sorry it took me so long to play this game I was figuring things out in life. This was a really fun game

Hey all! This was a fun experience, I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. Oh, and I made a YouTube video about my experiences, thanks!

I so want more levels for each game. QIU Reloaded in plan? :)

I liked the mechanics


Made a video


thank you!!!!


first! thank you for emailing me and taking your time hit me up about this game! i played it and it was a lot of fun! now for criticism! basically i felt the timer was really quick for three stars! another maybe the interface be more interactive like moving art work! But really in the end!

Thanks for the video and feedback!!! We will fix the interface and more :))

just wondering do you guys have any other projects i should check out or is that?

noo. This project is for the school and we have only 1. But we will do some changes and add maps


nice! let me know and ill play it again!